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Editorial Design Alumni

Marc Andrews, 2007-2008
What is your research essay about? In this research thesis, social campaigns w...

Maya Aujla, 2007-2008
Global Warming as a Sustainable Approach In the last few hundreds of years and sinc...

Anina Beuchert, 2012-2013
The unimaginable in art and perception

Marisa Branco, 2005-2006
'Embracing memory' Memory is a link to the outside world and to our inner world. A magi...

Ignacio Carmona, 2006-2007
Design as a tool for the empowerment of producers from underexposed cultures ...

Romklao Chai-Ariras, 2011-2012
Throw-away Away

Yu-lin Chen, 2005-2006
Yu-lin Chen

Thomas Clever, 2006-2007
Stilling our information hunger: How can we achieve better search results and disclose new sources of information using the Internet

Niels Craens, 2009-2010
How are we influenced by political images?

Irma Damayanti, 2006-2007

Marco Deijmann, 2010-2011
Project proposal for the Master Editorial Design

Christiaan van Dokkum, 2007-2008
Analyzing symbols in logos. Symbols: Symbols are not physical signs. They have an ...

Marvin Fernandes, 2011-2012
DESIGN FOR CIRCUM STANCE a research into characteristics of systems for engagement

Le Fu, 2011-2012
Mental model for website

Idan Gal, 2008-2009
What is your research (essay) about? *My research focuses on the term bad taste, attempti...

Andreas Gerolemou, 2007-2008
Creative Throw

Frosti Gnarr Gunnarson, 2010-2011
The perception of typography

Li Hanlu, 2012-2013
The value of Blue and White Porcelain

Kathrin Hero, 2010-2011
Books and digitization

Marije Holwerda, 2012-2013

Kilian Idsinga, 2005-2006
A revolt doesn't have to last forever and become a revolution, it only has to last long...

Lisa Ing, 2008-2009
Lisa Ing

Jasmina Izetbegovic, 2009-2010
Building Virtual bridges - an essay on videogaming culture and design of The Game about Games

Maciej Janus, 2008-2009
pulic transport maps

Kim Kamphuis, 2010-2012
Kim's page

Panagiotis Kovanis, 2009-2010
THE UNDERGROUND shoot the publics mind and strike back. Th...

Hera Kusyuniansari, 2012-2013
Shy Branding

Dong Young Lee, 2011-2012
Is the concept of ‘Freedom lost’ still available in the realm of graphic design?

Buffy Lien, 2012-2013
Calligraphy and Architecture “Architecture is three dimensional calligraphy, and calli...

Stavroula Manoli, 2005-2006
MOTORCYCLES, RACES AND THEIR REPRESENTATION Need for speed, freedom and celebration a...

Grasyntha Mellanie, 2005-2006
what is the best medium to represent our culture in a way that will involve people to inte...

Melissa Núñez, 2008-2009
In the Search of the Melodic Tool: How can music help graphic design?

Ana Ordoñez, 2011-2012
Rethinking institutional printed material

Putri P. Sadiqah, 2007-2008
Explaining Infographics in Infographics and Comics

Nathaly C. Pinto, 2010-2011
Cultural Heritage Survival: is cultural heritage protection possible though ancestral knowledge re-mediation?

Anggana Puspita, 2008-2009
Magazine for Girls Magazine has been one of the most popular commun...

Oscar David Quijano Robayo, 2010-2011

Juliana Ribeiro Azevedo, 2009-2010
a new format for travel guides

Ana Catarina Rodrigues, 2012-2013
Reading Modes

Gijs Roest, 2008-2010
What is your research essay about? “Big Brother likes our status” (research essay) - ...

Martina Rosati, 2006-2007

Bojan Sivački, 2010-2011
Nation Branding

Kate Snow, 2008-2009
What is your research essay about? My research essay is about majority and minority natio...

Dick Swart, 2010-2011
The New Read

Theo Varnavas, 2011-2012
What’s the significance of design in music and will music cover art eventually be dematerialized or reinvented in a digital age?

Corinn Weiler, 2005-2006

Ralph Wu, 2008-2009
Wu Kuo Chiang

Bohe Xie, 2008-2009
I'm Bohe Xie, I come from China. I am interested in the topic of "beauty" and I want to...

Evita Yulianti, 2007-2008

Yonghui Zhao, 2010-2011
Make in China

Yu Zhao, 2005-2006

Zhang Ziheng, 2006-2007
WHO AM I I am ALEZ. I would like to talk about simple geometric shapes in editoria...