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MA Editorial Design

Editorial design is a meta-discipline within communication design, connecting graphic, interaction and information design with content production and publication for a great variety of audiences.

Editorial designers guide and configure  the creation of a wide range of communication media, including websites, print or digital periodicals, and signage and information systems. They structure information for active readers and users according to a clear editorial plan. As a (graphic of interaction) designer with an interest in editorial work, your expertise is the creation of publication platforms with complex information structures, short production cycles and strong immediacy. This includes overviewing all aspects of a project, from producing and editing texts and other content, via structuring and pacing the user interface, to lay-out, visual design and production.

The editorial designer judges how content and navigation match in various contexts, based on readers' and users' experiences within various media. The editorial designer visualizes content-related choices in cooperation with authors, text editors and publishers while anticipating or directing collaboration with interface designers, information architects, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animation designers, database constructors, and other professionals within the communications industry.


The editorial designer:

• designs processes that turn raw data into meaningful information

• matches media and content to themes and contexts

• structures consistency of content and experience in a cross-media environment

• makes new connections between existing sources of information


In order to meet the entry requirements, you will be judged on the following criteria: 

• high level of conceptual abilities and cultural imagination

• research capabilities, theoretical interest and/or technical abilities

• high level quality of work in visual, interactive or narrative expression

• high level of (self) motivation, self-direction and collaborative work attitude

• ability to effectively speak and write English
 (Ielts score of 6 or higher;


For more information on the course's structure and requirements, visit the MA CDDC page.