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Fashion Communication Alumni

Femke Agema, 2005-2006
What is your research (essay) about? My graduation project was about the effects of adver...

Florence Emefa Agra, 2008-2009
Florence Agra

Fioen van Balgooi, 2008-2009
Fioen van Balgooi

Malou Beemer, 2012-2013
Communication Persuasion

Bas Beerts, 2009-2010
Fashion education in a paradoxical fashion system.

Nora van den Berge, 2004-2005
The culture of denim jeans The main area I research is the culture of the denim jeans. It...

Ying Cao, 2009-2010
Research of The fashion differences between Western world and China

Maite Catti, 2008-2009
Feeling Images

Yildiz Celie, 2007-2008
Corporate business meeting sub cultural lifestyle

Cornelia Edwards, 2011-2012

Laura van Erkelens, 2008-2009
Laura Van Erkelens

Helen Gras, 2007-2008
The human face is a whole cluster of faces, crowded together but on different planes so th...

Karian van der Haak, 2008-2009
Karian van der Haak

Ling He, 2009-2010
Memory, a code inside fashion

Anne Heijs, 2008-2009
Collaboration; Commodity, Communities, Coolness & Credibility

Hendrikje Horsten, 2006-2007
SLOW FASHION The essence of the work of art has changed a lot in the age of its technol...

Ingrid Hulskamp, 2008-2009
Ingrid Hulskamp

Marloes de Jong, 2007-2008
[Y]our place is My space

Anke Jongejan, 2004-2005
My 2005 graduation collection MAKING DO AND GETTING BY, put the creativity that comes from...

Monika Kanokova, 2011-2012

Wing-Yi Kong, 2004-2005
The lone journey 'What is that feeling when you're driving away from people and they re...

Aaltje Kramer, 2011-2012
naive melody

Rosa Kuiper, 2005-2006
Ik vind je lief. (I like you) Project 2004/2005 Fashion Promotion & Publicity

Anna Lindeman, 2004-2005
Sardentity Sardinia is an island with a lot of traditions. Every place has it's own cost...

Yoad David Luxembourg, 2005-2006
David Luxembourg - The Volution, Fashion & Semiotics

Joyce Machielsen, 2007-2008

Jaakko Mäkinen, 2007-2008
Trying to read the unwritten laws that control the dressing of modern man. Dressing the ...

Hasmik Matevosyan, 2011-2012
Research Summary

Bonana van Mil, 2005-2006
The Mobile Home " My interest to do research on this project stems from my curiosi...

Itumeleng Moeti, 2011-2012
Afro-Fusion Fashion

Maud Neuvel, 2007-2008
After the whistle blows anything goes...? Women in the Netherlands already had half ...

Myrthe Nijboer, 2006-2007
Veel van de theorievorming over merken is zo'n vijftien tot twintig jaar geleden ontstaan...

Lizzy Peters, 2006-2007
December 2006, I had just presented my concept for my graduation project. My main question...

Mariana Pires Fernandes, 2009-2010
second-hand fashion workshop

Rony Platenkamp, 2008-2009
Rony Platenkamp

Eva Roosenboom, 2006-2007
High fashion VS streetfashion

Jiska van Rossum, 2006-2007
Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls, It's a mixed up, muddled...

Marjolein Salari, 2005-2006
'A PLOTTED-OUT PARADISE OF ORDERLINESS' Fashion is a visual language that people empl...

Lindi Schwella, 2010-2011
the art of visual merchandising _project proposal

Anouk Solleveld, 2005-2006
Reports in the media make us believe that the world is increasingly growing more unsafe. W...

Maaike Staal, 2006-2007
Nouveauccasions In my graduation project I have been working with second hand clothes a...

Marina Tello, 2005-2006
2020. The next peak of the long wave in the economy. A new kind of women will arise. ...

Beorn Thijssen, 2007-2008

Nijntje Man Yee To, 2011-2012
Is Nijntje a fashion icon for adult?

Marina Toeters, 2006-2007
Exploring of the gap between fashion and technology

Ilona Trauttmansdorff, 2005-2006
Catharsis We hide deep fears in our minds, the fear of being alive, of not knowing...

Judith van Valen, 2004-2005
Perception of perfection I am interested in why people see certain things as normal, beau...

Kim van de Veerdonk, 2004-2005

Josine Vermeij, 2007-2008
Second Life and Real Life... Virtual reality and real virtuality... Over the last couple...

Renske Versluijs, 2007-2008

Nikkie Wortman, 2012-2013

Lieke Zonnenberg, 2007-2008