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MA Fashion Communication Design

As of September 2013 the pathway Fashion Communication will be discontinued. Currently MaHKU does not accept new applications for this pathway.

Fashion is a form of communication that is never culturally or politically neutral. Rather, fashion is loaded with meaning, signification, allusion, and citation. In today's multi-coded societies, fashion inhibits as well as facilitates communication between social groups, highly fragmented or homogenous. Transnational movements of people, cultural objects, and visual images play a vital role in creating a global network wherein fashion plays its role of communicator.

Fashion designers portray a clear-cut capacity to open up novel vistas of communication, design, and theoretical discourse. They are at the core of the world of communication and information. In the Master's Programme, you will investigate these topics:
  • How and what does fashion communicate?
  • What does fashion interact in the larger world of media
  • What is the role of the fashion magazine?
  • How does the catwalk merges into digital presentations
  • How does fashion deal with a multitude of layers of information?
  • How does fashion relate to fields of branding, marketing and product development
  • How could concepts such as interconnectivity, interactivity, and performativity create novel trajectories in fashion theory?