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Interior Design Alumni

Jonneke Aartsen, 2006-2007
Flexible workplaces in the future.......

Ana Abashidze, 2011-2012

Dania Abdel Samad, 2012-2013
Borders: A State of Mind Refugee camps are an ever-present reality and phenomeno...

Anne Andriesen, 2005-2006
'The corridor connects! At what given moment can a space be defined as corridor? When d...

Xeni-Margarita Armao, 2011-2013
Preserving the natural environment by decreasing the negative impact of tourism ...

Shani Van Bel, 2007-2008
Learning SUSTAINABILITY from Animal Architecture

Markela Bgiala, 2010-2011
Trains and other means

Pembe Birinci, 2011-2012
Buffer Zone and the Walled City of Nicosia

Margareth Bleeker, 2002-2004

Patricia Boogaard, 2008-2009
Patricia Boogaard

Kristel Brouwers, 2012-2013
(In)visible Design

Judith Brunklaus, 2008-2009
DAYLIGHT as a design medium

Maria Teresa Carrero, 2009-2010
My interest for the Interior Designer master program has evolved into a fascination for ev...

Mimi Chen, 2008-2009
Indoor Ponds

Chun Wai Cheung, 2010-2011
Finding The Common Land

I-Chung Chiu, 2009-2010
Cultural Refreshing

Minjung Cho, 2006-2007
The communication, by the space..

Christelle Comati, 2009-2010
Creating by destroyed and abandoned buildings.

Vithaloka A Dewi, 2009-2010
Struggle For Style Interior Design Product Case Study "Inspiring Gunungan"

Tjalf Melle van Dijkhuizen, 2005-2006
The question of my proposal: Why is the upper part of the interior body often naked and u...

Sofía Galárraga, 2010-2011
'A door to step away from the white room' prevention - rehabilitation - repositioning the patient

Loes Glandorff, 2009-2010
Transformative repair

Lotte de Graaf, 2006-2007
Mobile Architecture What would our daily life look like if we all would set our life...

Mech Haumann, 2012-2013
Vacant militairy airbases

Abram Leonard (Bram) Heijnen, 2005-2006
CHECK WWW.ABRAMLEONARD.NL Shopping versus architecture. As one could have re...

Wei-lien Hsu, 2007-2008

Addiena Irzan, 2012-2013
Bali in Globalized Tourism: A Misspelled?

Jeanett Iversen, 2009-2010
Me and my research so far

Marieke Jacobs, 2006-2007
Materials used in todays interior designs are easy to clean and will not damage. If materi...

Erika Jacobs Lord, 2007
The Way We Live? Flipping through magazines recently it was fascinating to see the late...

Mi Young Jung, 2008-2009
Mi Young Jung

Nicole Kell, 2010-2011
Desire Me: The N-T Office

Peter Kerkhoff, 2007-2008
Peter Kerkhoff InterieurArchitectuur

Nicky Kouwenberg, 2012-2013
The Urban Block and Social Organizations in the City

Makoto Kumagai, 2008-2009
Makoto Kumagai - Multi-Functional Core Public Space

Vivian Lam (Yi-Teng), 2005-2006
EVENT_FULL_SPACES 'interactivity between human and machines' What will the speed of ...

Bongkeum Lee, 2007-2008
Like cures like: Fast structure cures fast lifestyle. BACKGROUND Culture, industry...

Tanya van Leeuwen, 2005-2006
'Immoderated space' Architecture is Art...Still more than other art-forms architectur...

Hsiu-Yuan Lin, 2005-2006
All people who ever lived in, gave the building stories that accumulate as time goes by. S...

Ying-Yen Lin, 2005-2006

Olga van Lingen, 2011-2012
“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it” (Albert Eins...

Lili Lu, 2010-2011
New trend of Retail Design -- Pop-up Store

Cong Ma, 2008-2009
Cong Ma

Stephen McConnell, 2007 - 2008
Done and doing

Rosa Metselaar, 2008-2009
Rosa Metselaar

Ya-Chin Moo, 2010-2011
Sex Shop- Love yourself, respect others.

Mio Nakamura, 2007-2008
Daily hospital Who wants to spend 24 hours 7days on a bed in a hospital? Nobody?? ...

Thu-Thanh Nguyen, 2010-2011
How Things shape our spaces

Bambang Pramono, 2011-2012

Jae Wung Pyo, 2008-2009
Jae Wung Pyo

Ellen Rubel, 2005-2006
Because of the still growing mobility, an always larger radius of action is developed, but...

Lena Torheiden, 2010-2011
Don't be Afraid of the Dark

Kamolnate Trisupatsilp, 2009-2010
Island of the calmness

Ricardo Villagomez, 2008-2009
What is your research (essay) about? The essay is an attempt to connect several notions I...

Federico Violato, 2011-2012
Main research report (1000 words)

Saskia Visch, 2009-2010
Intentional Communities

Anneroos van Vredendaal, 2011-2012
‘Not what to keep, but what to give up, what to erase and what to abandon.’[1] ...

Tim van de Weerd, 2006-2007
Second life for the Neudeflat thanks to participation and personal interest of inhabitants...

Mirya Wibisono, 2006-2007
Multi-sensory Experience in An Architectural Space Your feet are standing on the ground...

Martijn van Wijk, 2010-2011
Artists of Vacancy

Terence Yan, 2008-2009
Ting Yun Yan

Sarah (Jie) Yu, 2006-2007
What happens if ... ? " -- the atmosphere in the space"

Zarina Za'Bar, 2005-2006
ILLUMINATION interacts within space and the user. Lighting as a materiality to be hypn...

Meng Zhang, 2011-2012
I like to think of the border as a kind of software. At first I was interested in the rela...