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Anneroos van Vredendaal

‘Not what to keep, but what to give up, what to erase and what to abandon.’[1] 
With the exhibition ‘Preservation’ at the Venice Biennale 2010, OMA presented a turning point in rethinking our values regarding preserved buildings nowadays.  It seems that the preservation has an almost obsessive relation with the past. The Netherlands preserves 9 UNESCO’s sites, 10.000 vacant buildings, 335 village and city views, 52.877 national-, 521 provincial-, 41.447 municipal-, 904 archaeological monuments and that is not even counting the number of young monuments that has increased since the 50-years rule in the Monument law was dropped. This seems to offer a radical status quo, in which buildings are more or less frozen at the surface. On the other hand a form of historical amnesia has arisen, stamping out periods in an architectural history with difficult social chapters, thus further alienating us from the past.What will the spatial consequences be, if the Netherlands still keeps preserving (protected) buildings in the future?

Exhibition: OMA Rem Koolhaas, Venice Biennale 2010: Preservation, Italy (September 2010)

[1]MONU#14 – Editing Urbanism, April 2011