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Olga van Lingen

“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”  (Albert Einstein)   
We look at the world around us with a biased eye. The urban population grows by two persons per second, but not all cities grow. Some have to deal with decline, in the Netherlands as well. Until a few years ago, growth was the dominant picture. This was true for the economy, but also for the population and the built environment. All plans and developments were based on it. Rather suddenly and much faster than the reality warranted, this picture changed to decline.   
I investigate decline in villages, because of its large impact on facilities, mobility and employment. In the North of Friesland the population shrinks just a little. But some communities are much harder hit than others. One example is Dongeradeel that faces an expected decline in population of 14% over the next 25 years. I have mapped the consequences for the built environment and have developed a strategy for them.