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Tanya van Leeuwen


'Immoderated space'

Architecture is Art...Still more than other art-forms architecture requires the complete human being, with his full devotion. Here lies the strength of architecture; We are litterally embraced by this form of art..

(Interior-)architecture is about creating worlds...
That world should give me the feeling of immoderation, of infinity.

As a child I had nightmares which took place in immoderate spaces, in infinity. With white or transparent blocks and lines complete worlds were built. As a child this was very distressing but now it feels like a dream that I want to get grip on. I think these dreams are the basis for my love for space.

I want to find out what the elements are to create this kind of beauty. In my panic dream the sense of order and organization of time and space gives way to an uncontrollable chaos. I want to try to order this chaos, without losing the strength of an immoderate space. I want to investigate whether I can attain this by enclosing the immoderate space, translating it to architecture. As soon as we place some references in an immoderate space this space no longer can be seen as infinity.
I want to translate the term immoderate to my own vocabulary. It must also be tangible in a space where references are presented. It must carry the meaning of openness, transparency, and serenity.

I want reveal the strengths of architecture!

Tanya van Leeuwen