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Ellen Rubel


Because of the still growing mobility, an always larger radius of action is developed, but space gets more and more reduced to an area which becomes a crossing through zone, an in-between moment in an ongoing movement at the most interrupted by a short break.
Ibelings 1995:36

Wherefor do we still look at domestic places as being private?
Mobility, transformation and entertainment gave public space the oppertunity to enter the interior livings and renamed the livings: domestic exteriors.

Airportal importance:
a research to the role of nowadays domestic interiors.
As a case study, Schiphol Airports lounges have been analysed to make the connection between the lounges as places where people come at ease, or are truly happy, before departure. While domestic places are places in-between, departue and arrival, wherein people seem not able to break through the ongoing movement of public life.

"The faster we go, the less time we feel we have.
Thackara 1994

Ellen Rubel