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Marieke Jacobs

Materials used in todays interior designs are easy to clean and will not damage. If materials or furniture though do damage, age or dirty, they will be removed and replaced by new ones. The clean, clear and new look seems to be better than an old, damaged or dirty appearance. While in my opinion the age, damages and dirt on materials can be interesting information and next to that make an object more beautiful. Like an wooden floor gets more beauty by aging.

Therefore I created a material on which use creates damages that give the material its beauty. A layer of soft foam is completely covered with plaster. By walking or sitting on the material the plaster cracks under your feet with the feeling and sound of walking on fresh snow. Cracks appear by every step, what gives the material a decorative pattern of craquel?©.

The form of the final object is created out of the surfaces in an interior which are most in contact with the human body and therefore damage the most. A floor, place to sit, a table-like surface and the vertical surfaces in between form my object.

The whole design is covered with foam and plaster. Without use the object looked like a massive concrete form and after a week of exhibition a craquel?© pattern covered the whole surface of my design.

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