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Tim van de Weerd


Second life for the Neudeflat thanks to participation and personal interest of inhabitants of Utrecht

213.000 M2 of the office space in Utrecht is not in use, while simultaneously there is a big housing problem. Transforming office space into living space could solve this problem but people usually are not interested in living in office spaces, because of its formal appearance. These office buildings can be registered by the Adopting Agency of Orphaned Buildings, where the user gets an opportunity to adopt (and save) a part of the building to improve the buildings character and status, by constructing a personal niche within. The agency selects the participants that have filled in an application form, using a set of practical and ethical rules. An example of an orphaned building is the Neudeflat. When a part of the building is adopted, that part is disassembled and cleared in order to let the new owner create his/her own settlement. In this way the building slowly transforms into a meditative structure and simultaneously is renovated and recycled and gets a second life.