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Bongkeum Lee


Like cures like: Fast structure cures fast lifestyle. 

Culture, industry, politics and economics have developed with increasing rapidity in all modern contemporary societies. This development is taking place with such speed that every facet of society is touched by it. Recently, however, some people have taken on a deliberate slowing down in their lifestyles and put more emphasis on slow cooking, walking more slowly, a slowing down of city life as a reaction against the culture of speed with its fast food, fast travel and fast lifestyle. Thus situation has widened to people trying to lead a more sedate, LOHAS (life styles of health and sustainability) and simple life. It has almost become a rebirth of cultural movement. It has become on issue so hot that sociology is attempting to solve it through architecture, urban city development, environment, etc to cure the problems caused by our over fast lifestyle. 

However, I haven't as yet come up with a magic solution to this social phenomenon or with a new alternative plan. Contemporary living is so fast that we can only slow it down by making a new trend because, when we do cause life to slow down significantly, people complain that they are missing their old 'fast' style of life. In the end this situation I believe that we have to be prepared to make the effort to improve the quality of our lives and make them more meaningful and satisfying. We need to develop a different perspective on how we run our lives. 

'Like cures like' means that we use equally strong solutions to remedy our problems. We use equally strong powers to solve difficulties. This is 'like cures like'. For instance, a fire station has a fireman's pole. By using this, firemen use an obviously fast strategy to actually save time. It is far quicker to slide down vertical pole than run down flights of stairs. This speeding up of action actually saves time and makes it less stressful and easier for fire fighters. By making our house function more efficiently we can actually buy ourselves time that allows us to live a slower, more relaxed life with an improve quality of life. We have to reexamine how we view the world and institute major conversation in lifestyle. I am keen to research how we live and how we can improve the efficiently, use and function of space and set ourselves up in a structured way of fast living. At the same time I would like to look at the ways in which we can examine how we can apply the findings of our investigation. 

Fast structure in space in 3 chapters

Short distance in a straight line : Find quickest walking line and the shortest distance In a space we can identify many different types of line or movement pattern; these range from straight to curved. Also this structure with straight line can remove unnecessary movement line. However, I want to research how to make space by using only straight lines. 

Personal step and minimum space : When we wear fixing clothes like our body our feeling can be more comfortable. Like this space can be like a custom-made article. Each person has his own individual agenda, his own order in which tasks are performed, his individual habits and needs. Also fast structure spaces don't require as much size in order to live and to do something. 

Floating structure : When we see something floating, what kind of feelings do we take from this? Maybe you get two dissimilar feelings. One is that of being immobile and second moving. The Latter is mine as fast structure.