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Rosa Metselaar

Rosa Metselaar

A building seems to  be more interesting when it is being either built or unbuilt.  It loses some of its dynamic as soon as there is a finished product. It becomes a static being defined by its use and it blends into the mundane.  We seek refuge in ‘aesthetic cocoons’, designer spaces,  to release us from our everyday existence but there is no connection between the cocoons and the outside. They are solitary fantasy island harboring our dreams and fantasies, but hardly our reality.


Sharp boundaries enforce  the harsh contrast that exist between our refuge and reality. There is no room for the in-between.


By examining the blurred we can discover the dynamic relationship of the built and the unbuilt. Finding a new relationship between the interior and the exterior and the city beyond. It is time to question the necessity of our sharp boundaries. Is it possible to achieve an ‘unfinished’ building by blurring the boundaries and fraying the edges allowing a new fabric to unfold. A building that communicates through an interface which interacts on different scale levels.  Allowing for growth, shrinkage and change; reestablishing the expanse of our territory.


It is time to enter the blur.