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Ricardo Villagomez


What is your research (essay) about?
The essay is an attempt to connect several notions I found interesting in the context of that time, in order to understand architecture related to the Urban Age.

Along the essay I travel through different views on making rethorical architecture. Two main discourses (contextual and theoretical) were chosen alongside two offices that represent them from my point of view. Having this analysis done, I started with the cross references in order to combine some of their aspects and apply them on my own design proposal.

The result was a rich, multi-layered project which had a solid foundation and strong concept.

Which findings do you consider most important?
With the essay I could find that although most studios have different ideas or methodologies, instead of opposing them I could really overlap some concepts and notions in order to come up with my own conclusions; or even new questions. I understood that these conclusions were not a method and that all these ideas weren't static. The real finding was that a designer always has an opportunity to re-invent ideas, methods, theories, concepts, etc.. It is a dynamic discipline that's constantly moving and mutating, which is the most interesting part of it all. It never ends and there is no total truth.

Do you currently use the research findings?
I learned to work always with a deep analysis of theory and context. They both represent a lot of content within design and architecture. Developing the essay helped me find areas where I can work with the two notions at the same time without opposition. Using both during the preliminary stages of a design development really provides a solid platform and allows to theorize and conceptualize. Making a project that generates discussion is the richest and most useful contribution for the field.

How do you look back at the year at MaHKU?
maHKU was a great and rich experience. Many of the approaches the program has are extremely important on work fields nowadays.

As an entrepreneur, I find valuable points such as:
  • Interdisciplinary work, which nowadays is vital.
  • Concept based design, which opposes the simple aesthetic and tries to send a message.
  • Theorizing on your own work, go deep into the layers of design and generate new ideas, notions and connections.
  • The multicultural experience of it all is enlightening and positive as a detonator for creativity and discussion.