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Mi Young Jung

Mi Young Jung

Surviving without a fixed notion

Our life is not static as past. With the global community we became, and the world wide infrastructure we live in. this is a time of impermanence, one of transition. We are no longer stocked in one place for an entire lifetime. Rather, we move constantly, job to job, house to house, country to country and shape to shape. As a result we get lost somehow in the movements.

I would like to develop and motivate other to think differently. Out of the box. Trying to create and expand the notion of flexibility in our space.

When I look at this desert landscape, I can feel the slight movement which is a interaction between the wind and the sand. It continuously reshapes in different positions. However, it still keeps certain spaces. If you look closer, you can see that there is always an interaction between. Which creates a continues flexibility of repositioning and reshaping. Understanding of this two notions creates a shore of structure which is there all the time. But not captured in our awareness. I find this understanding one of most fascinating transforming example of spatial from nature. And I would like to use this as the notion of my thesis about; interaction, flexibility and structure and how I can expand more flexibility within the context of enjoyable objects, using less material to contribute at the same time to a more sustainable world. I would like to research especially flexibility in architecture, interior and how I can expand this into the space. Research all the different case studies and connect also our social life change and see what is the possibility that I can expand on my thesis and design from there. When we create things we always try to find a unique or something original, but My point of view is that it is also important to develop and with the possibility of expanding from what we have now.  

Design-1U(one unit)system

 In general there are boundaries between Architecture, interior design and product design (Furniture). But in my design approach it is the opposite prospective that without any boundaries you can make a one unit system for all time. The aim of my design is to contribute to decrease waste by using less material but having more life enjoyment with space. By interacting with space. The object and life space are the same. Movement is the direct relation with space and Interior.


My question is therefor;

There are possibilities of expanding the flexibility and interaction of space, as we live in an era of impermanence. Is that really necessary to keep the fixed notion ?