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Patricia Boogaard

Patricia Boogaard

Qualities of buildings

Spaces possess certain qualities, objects can amplify that or let those qualities fade away.

When entering a space, qualities immediately strike you without even consciously thinking about it. I mean qualities like material and lighting that determine your experience/perception of a space. Objects play a big role as well in the experience. Nowadays, objects become more and more stand-alone objects, almost like art-pieces. It has lost its connection with the space, it can be placed in every space. We do not respect the objects anymore.

What I want to do is restore the connection between objects and spaces. To focus on the already existing qualities of space, it can form a unity.

Monumental buildings possess a lot of qualities, but mostly they are renovated in its original state. Which is a good thing because we need to preserve history for next generations, on the other hand, there are more possibilities. By respecting the building but adding a second layer the interior will.

Monumental buildings ask for a different approach, often floor, walls and ceilings cannot be touched, so the layer that I want to add, will float in the space. This floating method will be easy adaptable or taken away, to the constant changing needs of the users.