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Jae Wung Pyo

Jae Wung Pyo

Life on the 'Roof-Space'


We can experience new space which is isolated from current space because of the artificial structures which is made incessantly. However, unintended space can be also created due to the space where we made to use. For instant, if we made new architecture and made another again beside it, there is a tiny gap between these architectures. This small space is created automatically without any intention in order to make new architecture. The below of this space can be used as a car-road and street but above space becomes ¡®empty space¡¯. And this ¡®empty space¡¯ remains as a wasted space without any special function. Furthermore, the roof is also showed as a notion which just supports shape of architecture without particular function. I will call this space ¡®unused space¡¯. However, all ¡®unused space¡¯ do not mean useless. Although, this is not utilized, this can help to express own unique atmosphere of the space and can support functions which are needed in the space. This space is belonged to ¡®useful space¡¯.


   If it is so, I face to the question that which is real ¡®unused space¡¯. As an answer, I would like to suggest ¡®roof space¡¯. The people have built new buildings on that place after destroying nature. As a result of this, we lose green-area and gain numerous harmful effects. Therefore, we are ceaselessly wasting our funds and effort to replace functions of nature which is disappeared. However, if we think from the different point of view, we can recognize that the amount of green-area which is injured is same as the amount of roof of buildings. It means that we can solve the problems which we have got because of development and do not have to consider about how to make extra space by utilizing roof-space.


So, my goal is to reuse the roof which is now ¡®unused space¡¯ efficiently by using the sustainable way. However that space might be not a garden simply but a new perception of green urban design.