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Terence Yan

Ting Yun Yan

People start to focus on the possibilities of using old space again recent years, we use them for exhibitions, performance, restaurants, museums, or just the background of shows. At that moment, the historic remains or spaces are glorious and can attract everybody's eyes, but after the events, they come back to be hided in the shadow again and nothing special. It is a kind of wasting of space. That is one of the main reasons for me to focus on how to use the old spaces again.

I am really attracted by the atmosphere of old spaces, most of them have their own characters, independent spirits and histories to identify the trend of past period and I think some of them should be left and use into another ways.

Not only old space but also new forms of space design also catch my eyes a lot. There are lots of design are created and all of them also have strong concepts and good qualities. As time goes by, modern design surprises people more and more through, Hi-technology, special surfaces, magical materials, unique structures and digital also.

In my research I don¡¦t want to just focus on preserving old spaces but also try to add something new since it is 21 century. Because I want to combine old and new I start to see what possibilities I can use and what will become my main theme of project. Through several assignments, workshops and thinking, I finally make decision of the main concept- transformer space, a space can be moved or transformed through rising& dropping, dismantling and combining, hanging, transporting, expanding& contracting, destroying, and connecting.

Terence Yan