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Maria Teresa Carrero

Maria Teresa Carrero Alcantara / Interior Architect / ICS Master in Worldview Studies in Aesthetics / Participatory Interior Design / Interior Design

    My interest for the Interior Designer master program has evolved into a fascination for everydayness: everyday life, everyday people, everyday objects, everyday situations, everyday functions, everyday structures…


    In this sense I am currently finding helpful the notions of PostProduction -introduced by Nicolas Bourriaud- as a set of editing processes facilitating the creation of works of art on the basis of existing available cultural products.  Therefore, to propose an alternative vision for Interior Design, my research wishes to connect Bourriaud's notions with the practice of Interior Design.  


   In this master program I will try to construct a vision and practice in which everyday people -along with facilitating designers- can engage in Design practices using their existing everyday objects.  Hopefully, through these practices everyday people will start to conceive of Design as a common practice in their everyday life, will become more aware of their own creativity and will gain spatial knowledge to deal with their everyday situations.