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I-Chung Chiu

Cultural Refreshing

Under circumstance of modernity and information bumps, routine and instant living mode has occupied mostly in our environment, and “distance” between people was shortened sharply. Though globalization pushed great forward development of our living levels, we might also take awareness what we have ignored or been hidden at the same time. 
In the program of this year, I try to introduce Chinese cultural connotation into our contemporary life, to bring up a view of mild and harmonious, artistic appreciation and calmness in front of our busy surroundings, spending a while to appreciate beauty of life and temperate face-to-face relationship with people. 

What I intend to do would consider having cultural connotation transformed and integrated into space, let users can experience it through a specific activity: Chinese tea drinking. In addition to activity and cultural spirits, interactive notions are incorporated, by working out a flexible environment in the interior space, to generate multiple sensations among different people, who will have different intersections with space, time, and leave different impression in their mind. 

In order to make connection between culture and contemporary life, theory I am looking is rhythm analysis by Henri Lefebvre, where I try to propose a renewal procedure of the cultural activity, to have rational, quantitative, qualitative explorations with our daily life, by manipulating rhythm with repetitions and differences, make contemporary reflections in the space. Experiments and interviews will be taken at the same time as reference collections of how people feel and interact between space, time and people, then generate and combine rational principles of interior design in this program.