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Vithaloka A Dewi

Struggle For Style Interior Design Product Case Study "Inspiring Gunungan"

Spanning almost one third of the equator, Indonesia is an exceedingly complex and wondrously rich in archipelago of some 13.000 islands strewn over 5000 km. The world fourth largest nation has absorbed different cultural traditions from all parts of Southeast Asia, the Asian mainland and Europe throughout the centuries. Ancient traditions and remnants of European colonial past co-exist within this cultural diversity, while modern influences apply their increasingly hold ever the astonishingly diverse sub cultures. Far from being homogeneous a uniformed, there are more than 250 distinct dialect spoken within Indonesia.

Indonesian's cultural variety and distinction offers potential application in the field of design, especially as designing local features into products appears to be more and more important for the global market, where products are losing their identity because of similarities in function and form. Cultural features are considered to be unique characteristics that can be embedded into a product both for the enhancement of its identity in the global market and for the enhancement of the individual consumer experience.


In this global market-local design era, connections between culture and design have become increasingly evident. For design, cultural value-adding creates the core of product value. The same is true for culture, in which design is the motivation for pushing cultural development forward. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to study how to transfer cultural features to design elements, and to design cultural products from a cross-cultural perspective as a way to reinforce their design value. The paper establishes a cross-cultural design model that can provide designers with a valuable reference for designing a successful cultural product (R. Lin,2005, 2006). The results presented herein provide an interface for examining the way designers communicate across cultures as well as the interwoven experience of design and culture in the design process.