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Ya-Chin Moo

Sex Shop- Love yourself, respect others.

If we can understand the sexual opinion in a society through observing sex shops, what can we get from these pictures?
In Taiwan or other Asia countries, the sex shops always hide in a small and dark corner. It’s impossible to look inside of shops from outdoor environment because of the enclosed space of sex shops.
Every detail of sex shops implies sex has unhealthy and negative meaning in this society. People could not and should not discuss anything about this sensitive issue.  Sometimes the conservative opinion did cause some social problem, such as the teen ager parents through away their new born baby because they couldn’t discuss their “inappropriate behavior”. 
Furthermore, the thought of “pre-marriage sex is inappropriate “also affects the opinion about marriage. Although people give sex a negative meaning, however, they still believe people do have desire, so everyone should get married and have “normal access” to release our desire. Being single is also inappropriate in our society. 
Therefore, I want to create a space for people to rethink about sex. Sex can be romantic. Sex can be healthy. And sex maybe a way for an individual to love themselves. Learn how to love yourself and how to respect others.
After visiting some sex shops and sex museum, I believe ‘LOVE ‘is an important element, which, however, tends to be ignored in Taiwanese sex shops. So I want to use a story about different kinds of love to represent my idea and combine with interior design. Moreover, every client will play a role in my story. In other words, the sex shop is the background of story, and the customers are the leading actors or actresses. I hope the clients are not only observers, but also participator, with deeper feeling through being a member of the whole story. During this process, I hope people can understand sex is a part of love, and a kind of normal and healthy behavior.

Furthermore, through the participation, everyone will have the chance to experience different types of life style, and learn how to respect other people’s option.
Besides the atmosphere of love, there is another big issue in my project. I need to find out the best relationship between privacy and intimacy in my design.

For protecting the client’s privacy, the traditional sex shops in Taiwan are usually enclosed. However, in my goal, I hope people won’t feel embarrassed when shopping in my sex shop, so it will be important to find out the best relationship between outdoor and inside. 

Furthermore, the boundary between different customers is also significant in next step. As showing in a research, customers, especially the single people tend to feel uncomfortable when they stay with couple clients in sex shops. According to this study, it might be better to give single customers private space. On the other hand, I hope to create natural atmosphere, where everyone can also learn to respect other people’s sexual life. So it seems impossible to divide these customers into totally different space. Therefore, I really need to find out the best layout for each type of clients.