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MA Interior Design

Photo: Andreas Gerolemou

Interior design is more than the creation of shapes, materials and constructions in a functional, spatial setting. Interior design is the art of creating environments that communicate meaning in a cultural context. Today, interior designers work at the cutting edge of a forward-moving profession, in an increasingly complex design domain.

The interior designer is challenged by:
  • vast spaces such as airports, shopping malls, spa's, swimming pools, disco's, dance palaces, libraries, closed communities, hotels, lounges, restaurants, office towers, flagship stores                            
  • eco-design in both large and small environments 
  • novel technologies and materials                              
What is the significance of interior design?  What can it communicate?  What do its shifts in styles and atmosphere tell us? Could a hyper-form of interior design emerge?  Can interior designers become designers of virtual interior spaces?  These are only a few examples of the broad and fascinating areas you'll be exploring as a Master student of Interior Design.