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Kai-Hsing Huang

Kai-Hsing Huang

Kai-Hsing Huang's Fine Art work:

                                  Design work:

Ancentred harmony  

Pearls in city: a research to every incorrigible abstract spirit 

1.0 Life energy-what support the abstract ?
   a) “yi jing” (意境) and “chi-yun”(氣韻) 
   b) Fengshui and chi 
   a) Light 
   b) Speed and wind 
   c) Electricity and magnetism 
   d) Heat 
   e) Sound   


3.1 Sensitive, suppleness, cooperation and ventilate design   

Every single thought passing though the human consciousness becomes artificial, the only thing can be measure and judge is how deep, how wide, how transparent it is.


Borrow the sound scenery from the sky, in order to catch the nature temple from raining;

harmony adds another dimension to piece: depth

it introduces the impression of musical space.

Fully using our whole exists present in the tree dimension surround,

hearing every movement responding to each happening.

Monotone Symphony only happened while romantic ambition denies hearing the subtle vibration surrounding.

A fault- finder cannot find everything right

response never happened on an infinite chain.

Perhaps turn left, from mess to breathe, a ventilated pavement giving a vibration to the unburdened relaxes.