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Chrysoula Korovesi

remapping _ attempt #1

Different groups of people inhabit, traverse, walk the city performing diverse rituals and producing unique signs of communication, an act of claiming a territory. Smell, noise, vision get mixed with the built landscape and memories of a space constantly in a flux. All acts that leave their traces imprinted on space. There is a question pending on how one picks up these hints to reconstruct the cityscape. 

Rethinking and remapping the cityscape by developing a dynamic process of uncovering [revealing/decoding] hidden [informal] aspects that are neglected [absent/omitted] in the formal planning procedures. The performances held within the cityscape are often in contradiction [struggle] with the physical appearance of the city. The idea of a diverse cartography as a conceptual tool, remote from a rigid representation of space, is implemented here to gain a different type of knowledge on how cities [the urban fabric] is constructed, to understand [decode/document] city life. 


Shape _ form _ movement _ [sub] urban culture _ visual experience _ communication _ interaction create different layers either overlapping or contradicting leading to an heterogeneous collage that defines the character [the essence] of the city. Layers that are often neglected both in the process of designing for the city and our everyday interaction with space.



_exploration _ visual representation of the fluid [transient/unstable] aspects growing parallel to a thoroughly designed built environment often dictated by political and economical decisions.

­_intervention _ on an existing urban structure an attempt to create an extra layer _ an intervention reveal activate the user [the passerby/the citizen] to reconnect with the city _ space becomes both the receiver and the transmitter of an equal participation in space.