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Sybren Stroo

Mahku Proposal: Public Space

The importance of being on the move is increasing every day. Growth on every level (economical, technological and demographical etc.) is the main cause that affects all it touches.  Being on the move isn’t necessarily an issue, but when it turns into haste and rushing people tend to forget the importance of the place they pass by. Urban junctions or cities are places where you will find rushing and the on-the-go mentality the most. If you zoom in on a city you will see that the central distric is the hot spot, which in a way looks like a beehive, with the (central) train station as its main entrance. People get off the train, enter the city, spend their money and leave. Public spaces facilitate the functions that surround it. When the context of the public space is vastly dominated by commerce this public space tends to be subordinate. It merely becomes a space for the public to get to the entrances of shops. Therefore the intention of my project is to activate the public space again and make it a vital element of the city again. In order to achieve this goal I connected the public space with facades. These facades are then able to be used as canvasses too. These canvasses are the most important elements to steer the public over the public space. I speak of canvasses because I research the interrelation between public spaces and a media-theory of Marshall McLuhan. 

I researched new possibilities for the public space to become much more than a void in the urban fabric. Design tools are one products I created in order to cope with different design approaches.

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