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TONIGHT: Lecture Research-in-Residence program

Introduction to the new Research-in-Residence program

Tuesday 14.02.2006 at 20.00 hrs*

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst organizes an artist's talk by Haegue
Yang, who is the first resident of the new Research-in-Residence
(RIR) program. This artist talk is the first occasion on which three
Utrecht-based partner institutions:
*BAK, basis voor actuele kunst*;
*MAHKU, the MA program in Fine Art of Utrecht Graduate School of Visual
Art and Design;
and *SWK, Foundation for Working Spaces for Artists
introduce their long-term collaborative project Research-in-Residence.
RIR provides international artists, researchers, writers,
curators, and critics with an opportunity to spend a period of time
living and working in the city of Utrecht in order to further develop
their artistic or theoretical work in a stimulating context of
contemporary critical artistic and intellectual production.
RIR has been made financially possible by the support of the City Council.

Visiting address: BAK, Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht

DARE: Dutch Artisitic Research Event

In September 2006, MAHKU will be hosting DARE: Dutch Artisitic Research Event.
Exhibtions and meetings will be held on various locations in Utrecht.
Keep watching this website for more information!

Chantal Ehrhardt(alumnus MA Fine Art) exhibits

Starting Wednesday 3 May 2006 Chantal Ehrhardt (alumnus MA Fine Art) exhibits works in 't Hoogt in Utrecht

In 2004 Chantal's anonimous poster- and flyer project took place under the working title "optimism". She spread posters and flyers throughout Utrecht as "positive propaganda".
and they started a life of their own.

The posters have been tracked and documented and are now on show in the café of 't Hoogt, together with a related video

For Dutch version see below.

In 2004 vond Chantal Ehrhardt's anonieme poster- en flyerproject, met 'optimism' als werktitel, plaats. Bij wijze van 'positieve propaganda' werden er in de stad Utrecht posters en flyers verspreid. Zij gingen hun eigen leven leiden (en lijden) tot heden ten dage. Deze posters zijn opgespoord en gedocumenteerd en met een verwant videoproject samengebracht in het café.


MAHKU presents:
7 Artists, 6 weeks, 5 nationalities, 4 senses, 3 dimensions, 2 spaces, 1 exhibition.

An exhibition by Heino Schmidt, Nina Voets, Francis Amenakpor, Huan-Huan Zhao, Lila Zotou, Karien van Assendelft en Annelis Bloemendaal.

Location: Exhibition space MOIRA, Wolvenstraat 10, 3512 CH Utrecht
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 13.00 - 18.00, Thursday 19.00 - 21.00 hours

The opening will be on Saturday 13 May 17.00 hours, with a performance by Nina Voets at 20.00 hours.

DARE: Dutch Artistic Research Event


September 1-10, 2006 Utrecht
Opening: August 31, Academiegalerie, Minrebroederstaat 16,
18.00, opening address, Lex Ter Braak (director Fonds BKVB


Expodium (Vredenburgpassage 80, Utrecht, Wed-Sun, 13-18):
Femke Agema, Tjalf van Dijkhuizen, Rosa Kuiper, Ying Yen Lin, Hsiu Yuan Lin, Marina Tello, Nina Voets, Corinn Weiler.

Academiegalerie (Minrebroederstraat 16, Wed-Sun: 12-17):
Francis Amenakpor, Anne Andriesen, Bram Heijnen, Kilian Idsinga, Tanya van Leeuwen, Yoad David Luxembourg, Stravoula Manoli, Grasyntha Mellanie, Marjolein Salari, Zarina Za'Bar, Huan Huan Zhao.

Casco (Oudegracht 366, Tue-Sun: 12-18):
Marisa Branco, Yu Lin Chen, Vivian Lam, Bonana van Mil, Ellen Rubel, Anouk Solleveld, Ilona Trauttmansdorff, Zhao Yu

Universiteitsmuseum (Lange Nieuwstraat 106, Tue-Sun: 11-17)
Karien van Assendelft, Heino Schmid

Centraal Museum (Nicolaas Kerkhof 10, Tue-Sun: 12-17)
Entrance-hall; Bokyoung Ju

Centraal Museum, Nicolaas Kerkhof 10, September 5, 19.30-22
by Joris Lindhout, Karien van Assendelft, Heino Schmid, Corinn Weiler, Marjolein Salari, Ellen Rubel.
MC's: Klaas Hoek & Chris Vermaas

PRESENTATION of MaHKUzine #1: Journal of Artistic Research

Centraal Museum, Nicolaas Kerkhof 10, September 6, 10-17.
A symposium on artistic research, with presentation by Pauline Terreehorst, Martin Beck, Daniel van der Velden, Esther Cleven, Stephan Dillemuth, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, and Florian Pumhösl.

DARE is initiated by the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (MaHKU) and organized in collaboration with Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory. DARE is realized in association with Expodium, Academiegalerie, Universiteitsmuseum, and Central Museum.


On Wednesday June 28th Fine Art Student Karien van Assendelft organises a one-day symposium "OUT OF FOCUS" on Attention & Blindness in Expodium.

Location: Expodium, platform voor jonge kunst, Utrecht Vredenburgpassage 88 / Bovenvredenburg 27 (back entrance to Muziekcentrum Vredenburg) ' Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht,, 030 2619796

Why is it that one person draws our attention while we are blind to another? Why do wee have a blind spot for a letterbox until we know it is red? What role do technical expedients like the camera obscura play in the development of perception? Is the deception of perception reserved for artists?

These and other questions will come up for consideration during the symposium OUT OF FOCUS, which find its origins in a fascination with distortions in perception. Four interesting speakers will shed a light on various aspects of perception, from basic perception research to the deception of perception.
Physicist Jan Koenderink will give insight into how we perceive space and shape in a two-dimensional image. Philosopher Petran Kockelkoren will go into the history of the indirect 'mediated' look in art(theory).
Visual Artist Barbara Visser will take the audience into her fascination with the way photography manipulates and tints the gaze. And cognitive psychologist Willem Wagenaar, expert in the field of reliability of witness statements, will shed a light on the influences on people's perception. The symposium is organised by Karien van Assendelft, visual artist and student at MAHKU, Utrecht
The audience will be invited to join in the discussions and to ask questions. The afternoon will end with drinks and a meal. At 19.00 hours the exhibition 'Boxed Potential' will be opened.

PETRAN KOCKELKOREN, Professor of Art and Technology, Faculty of Philosophy University of Twente, and lecturer of Art and Technology at ArtEZ Art Academy.
JAN KOENDERINK, Professor of Human Perception, Physics of Man, University of Utrecht.
BARBARA VISSER, Visual artist who plays games with fact and fiction, confuses the audience's perception through her videos installations and photographs.
WILLEM A. WAGENAAR, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Leiden, specialised in problems of perception, memory and decisions in the context of jurisdiction.

MODERATOR AND ORGANISER: Karien van Assendelft


PARTICIPATION: free, please make a reservation through:
Karien van Assendelft
020 6855642

SHOW 2006

Friday June 23


EXPOSITION BOXED POTENTIAL 28 June 2006 ' 09 July 2006
OPENING Wednesday 28 June 2006 at 19 hours

ARTISTS Francis Amenakpor / Thorbjorn Andersen / Sarah Andrews / Karien van Assendelft / Jenny Baines / Rebecca Birch / Sara Bjarland / Annelies Bloemendaal / Florencia Guillen / Michael James Jones / Andy McCafferty / Naheed Raza / Heino Schmid / Nina Voets / Huan Huan Zhao / Lila Zotou

Location: Expodium, platform voor jonge kunst, Utrecht Vredenburgpassage 88 / Bovenvredenburg 27 (back entrance to Muziekcentrum Vredenburg) ' Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht Wednesday to Sunday 13 ' 18 hours,, 030 2619796

"Boxed Potential" started last autumn with two cardboard boxes, one in London and one in Utrecht, that artists filled with shreds of sound, photographs, objects, texts, sketches and other inspiring materials. The boxes were exchanged and unpacked by the artists overseas. These materials served as a starting point for the works that are now on show in "Boxed Potential". Literally or metaphorically artists from London find their rough materials back in the works of the Utrecht group of artists and vice versa. In the course of this project several direct collaborations have developed, stemming form shared fascinations for, for example the breakdown in human communication or the short life of an insect.
The period in Expodium will be followed by an exhibition in London this autumn. On that occasion the works of art will be re-fused, transformed and reconsidered into new works of art. In this project artist share ideas and forge ties. New works of art are created that cast an unexpected light on the work of the individual artists.


Meet graduates of the MaHKU masterporgrammes and hear them live at the MaHKU research screenings during the DARE-festival.

Academiegalerie - Minrebroederstraat 16, Utrecht
Casco - Nieuwekade 213 - 215, Utrecht
Expodium - Laan van Puntenburg 2a, Utrecht
Aorta - Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht
HKU, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design - I.B.B.-laan 50, Utrecht


From September 1 - 9 The MaHKU graduation presentations 2006 - 2007 will be held at various locations in Utrecht. Visit these exam shows at your leasure.

Locations & opening hours:
Academiegalerie - Minrebroederstraat 16, Utrecht
Open Tuesday 4 till Sunday 9 September, 12.00 - 17.00
Casco - Nieuwekade 213 - 215, Utrecht
Open Tuesday 4 till Sunday 9 September, 12.00 - 18.00
Expodium - Laan van Puntenburg 2a, Utrecht
Open Saturday 1 September and Wednesday 5 till Sunday 9 September, 13.00 - 18.00
Aorta - Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht
Open Friday 31 August, 12.00 - 19.00, Saturday 1 September 13.00 - 17.00, Tuesday 4 till Sunday 9 September, 12.00 - 17.00
Centraal Museum, Nicolaaskerkhof 10, Utrecht
Open Saturday 1, Sunday 2 and Tuesday 4 till Sunday 9 September, 12.00 - 17.00

Archive of effective misscommunication

Galerie 32-34 temporarily offers space to the Archive of effective Misscommunication by MA Fine Art alumna Karien van Assedelft. Karien works with day-to-day language. She is fascinated by seemingly trivial conversation subjects and 'by-the-way' remarks.

An effective way to turn over the balance of power within a conversation is misscommunication. Visitors to the office can practice their skills for misscommunication through a telephone conversation with the artist*
* sound installation in cooperation with Slobodan Bajic

OPENING: Saturday 19 January, 16.00
EXPOSITION: 19 jan - 1 March
ADRESS: Keurenplein 32-34,Amsterdam
(tram 17, get off at Ingelandenweg)

Fashion Clash Maastricht

This Sunday June 28, Ma Fashion Design alumna Femke Agema will show her collection at Fashion Clash Maastricht. For more information see


Those who wish to apply to an interior design master programme can turn to the Dutch language Master of Interior Architecture at HKU. The English language MA Design, pathway Interior Design programme has been discontinued.


As of the 2014  - 2015 course year a Spatial Practices profile will be an integral part of the MA Fine Art programme. Please apply to the MA Fine Art programme.

Yoon Hee Kim exhibits at ZaHa Museum - Seoul

Alumna Yoon Hee Kim has a two-man exhibition at ZaHa Museum in Seoul. You are welcome to go check it out if you are in the neighborhood. Read more

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