The Programme and Your Research Proposal

Before you start the Master programme, we ask you to formulate what it is that fascinates you at the stage of application. What subject do you want to research? How does it relate to your design project or artistic production? And how would you describe that fascination in a research proposal? Even though your research proposal may be adjusted later on, it serves as a starting point in your research trajectory and its evolved version will steer your artistic production/design project and research essay throughout the Master programme.


We believe that a constructive way to reflect on your own discipline is confronting it with other creative disciplines and a variety of theoretical discourses. Because of the broad scope of the MaHKU Master programme, you will follow a number of seminars and workshops with students from all five MaHKU disciplines. In this way, you will learn to contextualize your own work from a broad and interdisciplinary perspective.


Course 1: Discipline - 4 units.
In the Discipline Course, the four units of the disciplines of Editorial Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Public Space Design are called Exploration, Analysis, Elaboration, and Presentation. The four units of the discipline of Fine Art are named Presentation, Representation, Communication, and Context.
    In the four discipline-specific units, your artistic production/design project and your essay research will steer your course of action. You will study themes, modes of analysis, forms of information, media, materiality, and forms of presentation relevant to your own specific discipline and from the perspective of your own research proposal. The units will also help you to contextualize your own artistic production or design project.

Course 2: Critical Studies - 3 units.
In the Critical Studies Course, the three units are called Modes of Research, Research Development, and Interdisciplinary Studies & Supportive Studies.  
Both the Modes of Research unit and the Interdisciplinary Studies & Supportive Studies unit are followed by students from all five MaHKU disciplines simultaneously. The Research Development unit is followed in your discipline-specific group.
    You will study themes such as research as an activity, communication models, modes of analysis, concepts, and research strategies relevant for both your own discipline and the broader field of visual culture. The units will help you to develop your essay research further and to start contextualizing your artistic production/design project through a theoretical discourse.

Course 3: Individual Research
You will be working on your individual research essay and artistic production/design project. In individual tutorials with your theory lecturer, you will get comment and advise on your research essay. Design and art lecturers in your own discipline will give you feed back on your artistic production/design project in individual tutorials. To complete your research and design/art project, you will develop a presentation of both your visual and written work. The successful presentation and the public defence of both your artistic production/design project and your research essay complete your course through the MaHKU programme.