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Contract Between Artists and Society
August 22 2014
Join us in building a "contract between art and society" an initiative of 
Ika Putranto (MaHKU), Alejandro Vasquez Salinas (MaHKU), Yumemi Kobayashi (MaHKU), Sissel Marie Tonn (KABK).

On September 4, 2014 an event will be held where all opinions, comments and suggestions collected from all participants and project partners will be presented. Lawyers, social workers, scholars and artists are part of this select group and we want you to be part of it too.
Location: BAK, Lange Viestraat 4, Utrecht
Time : 19.00
Admission is free Read more

Final Presentation Unnoticed Art Festival - August 31
August 20 2014
On August 31 the Unnoticed Art Festival will finish with a final presentation at Pictura Dordrecht. There will be lectures by artist/ researcher/lecturer Andrew McNiven (Zeppelin Universität Friedrichshafen), Klaas Hoek artist and lecturer (MAHKU, Utrecht and Slade School of Art in London) and Frans van Lent, artist and initiator of the Festival. After the lecture a public discussion will be led by Jeroen Bouweriks, in which the use and meaning of the unnoticed will be amply addressed. Nine performances from the festival will be re-enacted by volunteers in the building. As is to be expected in an 'unnoticed' art festival the program will ignore these performances and the performers will ignore the program. It promises to be an interesting afternoon...  
Location: Pictura, Voorstraat 190-192, Dordrecht Date: Sunday August 31, 15.00 - 19.00 Admission is free Read more

Please bring your own lamp to the MaHKU Graduation Show
June 13 2014
Artist Heekyung Ryu invites you to bring your own lamp or anything that can make light to the MA Fine Art Graduation Show -  Today, too. I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days. 
Opening June 20, 17-19, Academiegalerie , Minrebroederstraat 16, 3512 GT Utrecht.
Do so and find out why .... Read more

MaHKU MA Fine Art Graduation Show 2014
May 06 2014
Graphic: Dongyoung LeeToday, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days. Exhibition Dates: June 20 to July 5, 2014 Location: Academiegalerie, Minreborederstraat 16, 3512 GT Utrecht Opening: Friday June 20, 17.00 - 19.00 Visiting hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 13.00 - 18.00


Participants: Anna Ioannidi, Yumemi Kobayashi, Minsung Park, Uzine Park, Ika Putranto, Heekyung Ryu, Clara Turchi, Alejandro Vasquez, You-Na Wang, Audrey Wang, Yinan Wang and Gayane Yerkanyan

Curator: Christina Li 

The title of the exhibition, taken from the concluding line of Jørgen Leth’s short film The Perfect Human (1967), refers to a space of temporary suspension of understanding and self-reflection. This characterizes the moment in which the participants of the year-long Fine Arts Master program find themselves in, within the context of their graduation presentation. During their education, their artistic positions are formed and reconfigured in synchronization with or in juxtaposition to the various notions and methodologies prevalent in artistic research and aesthetic production. The exhibition is an accumulation of the participants’ individual endeavors in the push and pull between personal reflection and the socio-political stances they might feel compelled to adapt to as young artists, while addressing the need to embody the knowledge they have acquired in an intensive research period. Echoing Leth’s investigation in the film, where his objective observations do not pertain to offer straightforward answers to his quest in defining “The Perfect Human”, this particular exercise opens up attempts as well as alludes to the impossible task of reaching a definitive conclusion.

Perhaps not unlike Leth’s concerted efforts to comprehend the world, the students’ works could be seen as their momentary undertakings in establishing and finding their emergent voices during the program. Rather than functioning as definitive positions, the myriad and contemplative works on display could be viewed as openings through which the artists begin to delve into and decipher their respective practices, if only in hindsight. 

Opening presentations on Friday June 20, 14.00 – 16.30 Location: Schiller Theater, Minrebroederstraat 11, 3512 GS Utrecht (across from Academiegalerie)

Organized alongside the opening of Today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days, artists Ane Hjort Guttu and James Beckett are invited to present their practices, to open up a discussion on other possible ways of playfully engaging with research-based methodology.

Read the exhibition brochure here.

Activated Studio

Dates: June 26 – 29

Location: HKU, Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, Utrecht

Visiting hours: Thursday 16-21, Friday 10-21, Saturday/Sunday 11-17.

MaHKU MA Fine Art opens its studio / seminar room / research lab / community chamber / film set / music hall / snack corner / etc.

Activated Studio, as counterpart of the exhibition at Academiegalerie, might include casual talks, presentations, sketches, proof prints, unfinished videos, models, protest karaoke, séances and performances with objects in the show.

More information:

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Unnoticed Art Festival 2014
May 04 2014
It might be that during the weekend of May 17 & 18,  while you are doing your shopping or are having a drink at a terrace, you  see things that you cannot get out of your head. In that case chances are that the Unnoticed Art Festival has come to your town.
For more information read the press release (in Dutch). Read more

Other Survivalisms, FORMER WEST Public Editorial Meeting, Utrecht May 16 & 17
May 04 2014
Under the title Other Survivalisms, on 16 and 17 May 2014, BAK hosts a small-scale gathering of a number of collaborators from FORMER WEST’s past and current investigations, who informally (re)negotiate the living knowledge brought together through the course of the project. After the initial Berlin public editorial meeting in 2013, the Utrecht edition coincides with BAK’s current research inquiry into Future Vocabularies and its opening entry on conceptual itineraries of “survival.” Read more on this event  on the BAK website here.Read more

New MA FINE ART pathway
February 20 2014
Alejandro Vasquez, Anna Ioannidi, Gayane Yerkanyan and Yumemi Kobayashi, Amsterdam Zuidas Project, MaHKU 2014   Public spaces and urban cultures need novel impulses for our contemporary life. Those impulses ask for research-driven strategies based on both creative and analytic methodologies in mapping and analysis. The objective of MaHKU's Spatial Practice Read more

Asymmetry - Yoonhee Kim in Telaviv
January 15 2014
MA Fine Art alumna Yoonhee Kim - together with Paul Zuerker - exhibits at Alfred Gallery in Telaviv. The exhibition is curated by Efrat Gal, who is also an MA Fine Art alumna.  Read more

Open Source Tribunal - performance Saturday 23 Nov.
November 21 2013
The first session of the Open Source Tribunal:  National Democratic Movement of the Philippines  against those responsible for the  Unnatural disaster of typhoon Haiyan
Location: Nicolaikerk, Nicolaaskerkhof 8 Utrecht Date: Saturday 23 November, 15.00 - 17.00
The platform of the Open Source Tribunal has been developed during New World Academy (NWA) in which MA Fine Art  students have participated.
For more information visit:   Read more

How to Act - Tiong Ang at Lumen Travo
November 15 2013
Tiong Ang (core lecturer MA Fine Art) presents 'How To Act' for his solo show at Lumen Travo Gallery.  He gets assistance from MA Fine Art alumni in 'The Artist' enacted by/Featuring Hiroomi Horiuchi, Robbert Wittendorp & Alejandro Ramirez Opening: November 28, 17.00 - 19.00 Exhibition: November 28 - December 21, 2013 Location: Lumen Travo Gallery, Lijnbaansgracht 314, Amsterdam Read more

New World Academy
November 07 2013
MA Fine Art students participate in New World Academy, an initiative of artist Jonas Staal and BAK basis voor actuele kunst. New world Academy invites political organizations to share with artist and students their views on the role of art and culture in political struggles.
On Saturday November 23 a public performance will be held at Centraal Museum Utrecht from 15.00 to 17.00 Read more

Ma Fine Art performance at Istanbul Biennale
September 16 2013
photography by Tiong AngUnder the inspired leadership of core-tutor Tiong Ang MA Fine Art alumni present a communal project at the Istanbul Biennale.
The Pavilion of Distance 2 (Cross Roads and Hazy Maze). Tiong Ang's collective production, is a confrontation of two film projects where artistic thinking processes dissolve into public space: a rhythmic montage of a modernistic, impersonal suburban scenery versus the narration of a temporary formation of a group of young artists within an urban setting. A singular, performative event will juxtapose the moving, pre-recorded images with their real-life counterpoint. (Cast: Sebastian Gonzalez de Gortari, Eduarda Estrella, Adriana Ramirez, Robert Wittendorp, Hiroomi Horiuchi, Frans van Lent, Heleen Langkamp, Sobia Zaidi. Crew: Ryan de Haan, Martina Stavrou, Zeynep Kayan, Efrat Gal. Director of photography and editing: Alejandro Ramirez).

Performance September 13, 2013 Exhibition dates: September 14  - October 20, 2013 Venue: Rezan Has Museum Address: Kadir Has cad. 34083 Cibali, Istanbul Read more

MaHKUplatform, 2013, June 20-30
June 06 2013


Let' s Get Physical-Interventions In and Through the City

Location: Kapitaal, Plompetorengracht 4, Utrecht.

Opening: Friday, June 21, at 19.00

Let's Get Physical - Interventions In and Through the City takes its motive and aim from the continuously changing and evolving cityscape of the city of Utrecht. The pressure is up and so should the pleasure of dealing with our physical surroundings be. Through interventions in both private spheres and public domains, the exhibition addresses the urgent need to find relevant strategies. Not fast, loud, and superficial ones following the logic of the spectacle, but ones generating responses: clever and elegant, beautiful and intelligent.

Let's Get Physical brings together eight MaHKU students negotiating and navigating among and between the set parameters of interventions - within Hoog Catharijne and around its perimeters, performative and temporal acts take place subsequently transformed and translated into works of art installed in the Kapitaal gallery space.

The physical narratives shaped and made from the city, for the city, and articulated in the city, are interventions combining the international backgrounds of the participants with collectively shared actions in their current environment. Let’s Get Physical gains its momentum in and through the game of opposites. Loud becomes silent, aggression becomes empathic, and physical turns into conceptual - and back again. Here form follows pleasure and participation, interaction and intervention, and laughing at and laughing with.

Participants: Eduarda Estrella, Sebastian Gonzalez de Gortari, Hiroomi Horiuchi, Heleen Langkamp, Frans van Lent, Adriana Ramirez, Robert Wittendorp, Sobia Zaidi. Curator: Mika Hannula.

Exhibition duration: June 21 -30.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 12-18, Thursday 10-21, Saturday 11-17, Sunday 12-16.


Read more

Publication Offside Effect, Metropolis M Books
May 25 2013
Over the last decade, art education has been confronted time and again with neoliberal thought and attitudes. As a result of this, art education has turned slowly but surely into a specific product focused on quantifiable and verifiable end results manifested and legitimized by the rhetoric of marketing and efficiency. Although the debate on artistic research indeed demands space for a free artistic space for thought, it also seems necessary now to raise the question regarding the potential of educational platforms outside the Bologna rules. The 1st Tbilisi Triennial (Offside Effect, Tbilisi 2012), curated by Henk Slager and Wato Tsereteli, concentrated on this specific issue. In a forum-like display system, a number of keynote artists and lecturers in collaboration with their students from a dozen of experimental academies from all over the world presented their strategic ways of working. This publication's goal is to not only document the 1st Tbilisi Triennial, but to also incite further diagnoses and developments in the debate on current art academies and their contexts. Contributions: Tiong Ang, Jürgen Bock, Lucrezia Cippitelli, Sarah Cowles, Stephan Dillemuth, Inci Eviner, F+F Zurich, Rene Francisco, Rainer Ganahl, Nikolaus Hirsch, Jan Kaila, Nazareth Karoyan, Annette Krauss, Young June Lee, Tara McDowell, Mildred's Lane, Marion von Osten, Irena Popiashvili, Henk Slager, Nedko Solakov, Katharina Staedler, Wato Tsereteli, Anton Vidokle, Visual Culture Research Center Kiev and Mick Wilson. 
More information here.  Read more

Yoonhee Kim ONE AND ... POEMS
May 24 2013
07.06 - 09.06.2013 Opening: Friday, 7th of June, 7pm
Joao Cocteau, Kienitzerstrasse 98, 12049 Neukölln Berlin
Exhibition hours: Saturday and Sunday, 2 - 7pm

In her first solo exhibition “One and … Poems” Korean artist and MA Fine Art alumna Yoonhee Kim will showcase her work “I am not a Poet” that commenced in 2011 with the transformation of the poem into drawings and is a work in progress since then. In the show at João Cocteau the initial drawings as well as new interpretations of the poem can be seen comprising 73 works that are dealing with Yoonheeʼs overall subjects of striping off the meaning of words and the abandonment of language as a means of communication.

Lines, circles, dots, notes, coordinates, angles, graphs, crooks, sounds, connections, heights, depths, letters, and numbers hence generate the substance of Yoonhee Kimʼs pieces. She gives infinite new forms to the written words of “I am not a Poet” that are manifested in the exhibition through 70 ink drawings on paper, a sculpture, braille and a pianola, by encoding each letter of the alphabet into new systems of arbitrary rules. In one of her pieces, for instance, Yoonhee transcribes the code into the English Braille language that again constitutes words like “sigh” and “gone”. Other ways of representation will include the transformation of the poem into musical notes that can be played on a pianola and the materialization of the poem into a paper sculpture.

The exhibition “One and …Poems” can be seen as a status update of Yoonheeʼs work and will remain subject to change, subtraction, addition, as well as the participation of the visitors. Its process will remain a progress.

Curatorial assistance and exhibition text by Julia Hartmann  Read more

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