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Augmented Realities - exhibition

For designers, more than ever the city is the condition to confront. More than ever the existing is the material to work with. Eleven students from the Spatial Design department of MaHKU present their research in the Utrecht architecture center Aorta. The projects – ranging from the application of new LED-light technology in a home environment to the social awareness of sex and sexshops in Taiwan, from the reality of objects in interiors to new uses and users of vacant office space – are about adding layers, not about radical change. Existing situations act as opportunities and challenges to work with. Augmented Realities shows eleven proposals to see the city afresh, to discover potential in what we have and do, to make our lives richer.

Transforming Parking Garages  
1 July, 16–19.00
Organization: Space & Matter 

Discussion: Augmented Realities
2 July, 15–17.00
Organization: Arjen Oosterman

MA Spatial Design: Interior Design, Public Space Design

Curator Arjen Oosterman
Location Aorta, Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht
Opening 30 June, 17-19
Dates 29 June–3 July, Wednesday–Sunday, 12–17