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Marvin Fernandes

DESIGN FOR CIRCUM STANCE a research into characteristics of systems for engagement
Designing communication has not always been a complex orchestration of meaning and media. In modern days it has become a complex process. Borders between product, service, audience, message, media and sender are deluding. Designing these days is more and more focused on designing a system or systematics. It could be said that designers could extent the notion of ‘relational design’ with: ‘designing (for) circumstances in which things (can) happen’. It will turn ‘design for making designs’ into ‘a design for making things happen’. Within that context the of the following statement question/problem comes to mind:   
"The purpose of this research is to examine several issues that collectively provide more insight into the role of network culture, media in public and private domain in relation to engagement. What are (editorial) design characteristics of a system that helps to set people into action and help them to organize (themselves) around a particular commonly shared (social, societal, environmental, cultural, economic) issue”.

"Design is not all about how it looks but also about how it works"
S. Jobs.

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