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Dong Young Lee

Is the concept of ‘Freedom lost’ still available in the realm of graphic design?
Jobs are not big enough for people

Is the concept of ‘Freedom lost’ still available in the realm of graphic design?
: The relationship between social-related themes and graphic designer freedom

My question is, at what point do graphic designers feel they have lost their subjectivity or autonomy, and why do these feelings result in a thirst for socially productive practice? This discussion is not merely concerned with an indoor or
microscopic discussion of the art/design field. I’d like to look at graphic design as a job or work in an objective way, not via a specific stance, philosophy or attitude. To view graphic design in an objective manner, I’d like to divide the discussion into four sections: The graphic designer as an individual,graphic design as a job, the environment and society as related to the field,and some ideas concerning possibilities for the field.

1.The graphic designer as an individual:a matter of freedom 
- Authority and voluntary solitude as fuel for proactive production system
- Artificial freedom
- Collaboration / Co-operation as fantasy

2.Seeing 'graphic design' as a job:a matter of classification
- The error of classification: It's not a matter of resemblance / difference
- The problem–solution cycle 
- The neutrality doctrine

3.The environment in which graphic design is now positioned
- The age of excess: the age of selecting
- Segmentation
- Neutrality

Possible conclusion:A shift of discourse
- From solutions to options
- From neutrality to conflict / discordance
- From ‘how to find freedom’ to ‘how to handle freedom’

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