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Hera Kusyuniansari

Shy Branding


“the shouting lost its value.” - Grant Leboff, 2011

The conventional approach in branding is that it should catch your attention instantly, and for many brands this is still the case today. This shouting is patronizing and causing numbness and irritation. People have learnt to ignore the information that is irrelevant. As a result, most brands are trying to shout even louder above the existing noise, which is leading to a vicious cycle. People nowadays are more selective about which information to consume. 

Shy Branding is about taking a slower approach to communication, which focuses on the long term, personal relation with consumers. It is to prevent being dragged into the fast moving, loud shouting mainstream by taking time to think and observing the surroundings before making a move. Being observant, a brand can be more relevant and honest to the content it communicates - without exaggeration. The future is not about exhausting the consumers with an overload of information, but about empathy and treating consumers with respect. Whispering has overruled loudness.