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Evita Yulianti


Batik is a piece of cloth made in the traditional manner and used especially in the traditional context. It involved two basic elements: diverse design and resist-dyeing technique with wax. Being done and used in traditional manner, Batik is often attached with the outdated impression, a contrary image of the young generation.

Nowadays, youngsters are incredibly influenced by foreign cultures. Most young Indonesians awareness of their own art and culture has been lately fading away, eventually the image of patriotism looks washed out along with the lost of people pride towards the country. On the other hand, from an international perspective, Indonesia is important in regards of the beauty and the richness of the natural resources as well as its art culture. 



is a design envision  shaped as a challenge to communicate Batik with young generation, and as a campaign to promote the cultural heritage to the world. It is also an effort to contribute to the development and preservation of a cultural heritage that has evolved into a national pride.